United Relief Foundation’s Women Veterans Entrepreneurs initiative presents the potential to compound the good we can even more by establishing a Business-based Partnership Program that will engage the Foundation, a Business and a Veteran.

Our Hope and Help Partners will always be important in our service to Veterans in need and we are grateful for the generous offers to help develop and fund a Pilot Program.

However, for the Pilot Program, the Foundation choose Hope and Help Partner Three Bees because it is: 1) Entrepreneur driven 2) Owned by a Woman  3) A Practical Business Model 4) Offers Distinctive Products and Services.

Three Bees owner Konni Vukelic, is also the Founder of the Bee Well Being Foundation, and has be instrumental in the development of United Relief Foundation’s Holistic-Horticultural Healing for Heroes program.

Konni, her business and foundation are dedicated to a symbiotic marriage of health benefits and functionality, sustainability and eco-friendly in their methods, products and services.

Details to be posted as they are finalize. Please direct interest and inquiries to Frank Salato (888) 718-0989 Ext. 1

Photo: Konnie Vukelic (left) and Frank Salato (standing) spending time with Eddie Beard Vet House residents during one of the United Relief Foundation “Tis the Season of Service hosted events.